From Mistake to Finale

After painting traditionally for many years, my world was altered significantly when spiritual experiences awakened my ability to paint more than meets the eye. When I pick up the brush, I take flight into a state of being in which there’s a life force, an energy, a quickening that’s translated through me into the paint and onto the canvas, giving shape and expression to the energy and visions I experience. It’s like the paintings paint themselves, it’s as if they have a life of their own.

At 2:21 into this video, you’ll see what appeared on the canvas after the brush flew out of my hand and literally painted a stroke without me. Instead of viewing it as a “mistake” and trying to cover it up, I loved it with some more brushstrokes creating the finale. A great metaphor for life, don’t you think?


As part of my painting process, I apply essential oils to my hands, smelling them then add them to my paint. Every essential oil has a specific energy or frequency that influences the painting. For this painting I used Juniper Berry.