Essential ōil Painting

Essential Oils Used As Painting Medium

When most people think of oil paintings, they don’t typically think “essential oils” . . . but I do. I’ve been adding them to my oil paintings for 20 years.

I introduced the idea in the dōTERRA Leadership Magazine in the fall of 2013.

Why add essential oils to your paint? Every essential oil has a measurable “frequency” or “quality” that affects everything and everyone it comes in contact with. By adding essential oils to the paint, their qualities are infused into the painting, emitting an energetic influence to the viewer.

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Add essential oils to the picture and how many words is it worth? ;)

The next time you paint a wall, consider adding an essential oil to the mix. And if you’re an artist, . . . try adding your favorite essential oil to your next masterpiece. You can either add a few drops or use it undiluted as your painting medium. I use it both ways, depending on my desired result. It’s also very beneficial to apply the oil to yourself while you paint.

Happy painting,