A Million Brushstrokes . . .

A million brushstrokes hide behind each dot of paint.

In my early days, my goal was to master the skill of painting every subject to look ‘exactly’ like my eyes saw . . . picture perfect.

The first time I felt dissatisfaction with a painting of a horse that looked exactly like ‘that’ horse, a tree that looked exactly like ‘that’ tree was shocking.

It was 1995. I was thrown out of my comfort with the realistic, outside world of painting into an internal experience of applying paint to canvas that defied everything I had learned.

The old ways quit working and I found myself stumbling into each canvas ‘not knowing.’ I fell into the paint consumed by its buttery feel. Images appeared on the canvases out of nowhere. Other dimensions opened up. New worlds revealed themselves.

I discovered the power of painting from my feelings, of connecting the outer world with what I sensed from my inner world. I learned how to create a bridge between those worlds . . . on canvas.

My days of being an ordinary artist disappeared. The new artist scared and delighted me. It was fun, spontaneous and playful . . . filled with emotion and life.

The million brushstrokes of perfection from the past became employed by my free spirited soul . . . delivering messages from the world within.

Today, every canvas is the edge of a cliff. With each stroke of the brush I jump. . . free falling into the void. What you see in each painting is that which catches me . . . a bridge to a world where we are one.