3 Steps to Achieve Any Goal


Leonardo da Vinci drew his ideas for flying. Today we can fly!

Have you drawn your plans for achieving your goals?

Are you flying as high as you know you can or feeling frustrated by not being where you want?

Most people have an idea of the life they wish they were living. There’s just one problem: nobody’s perfect and too often, people focus on what isn’t happening and get stuck in a rut of disappointment.

So let me ask you a question, "how does an imperfect person, who takes imperfect actions, achieve their perfect dreams?"

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all planes to file a flight plan before taking off.  Even though they have that flight plan, all planes fly off course 90% of the flight time. In spite of that, 99.9% of all flights arrive at their intended destination safely and within just a few minutes of the estimated flight time.

So how can a plane be off course 90% of the time and still succeed in reaching its intended destination nearly 100% of the time? The answer: Constant Course Correction! Every time the plane gets off course a little, the pilot makes a course correction back to the planned flight line. This process is repeated hundreds, even thousands of times during the flight. The plane corrects its direction all the way to its destination, crisscrossing the ideal flight line over and over again. People reach their “destinations” in exactly the same way.

When you determine your dream or set a goal to achieve something, it becomes your “flight plan” for getting what you want. It is important to have it, even though you won’t be able to do it perfectly. It will help you in making your adjustments, your Constant Course Corrections along the way. Without it, you have nothing to adjust back to.

So, there you have it. You can have a plan, be off course 90% of the time and still arrive at your destination, as long as you keep adjusting back to the plan every time you recognize you are off course. You may crisscross your way there, but you will get there. No perfection required!

Take the Challenge to being the Leonardo da "You" . . .

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Write or draw out a plan for getting there.
  3. Correct your course every time you recognize you are off course and do it again and again until you reach your goal.